We work in partnership with organizations in Nepal and abroad, NGOs and other organizations, which have a similar vision and mission to ours.

We also work in partnership with individuals who support by professional input and by prayers and financial investment in this joint venture between foreign and Nepali initiators.

You can also be a partner with us in one or more of the following ways:

1. Share holder

If you are a Nepali citizen you can be a share holder in our company. As a Private Limited Company in Nepal we can have 50 share holders all together. With 8 promoters with us now it means we can have 42 more share holders to join us. As a share holder you will be invited to annual General Meetings and have an influence on decision making. Financial profit made in this company, if any, will be reinvested in the company for furthering of the work. The main profit we count on is the increased capacity of trained and lay church leaders and other leaders of rural societies in Nepal.

All share holders will have to be approved by the Board of Directors. For more information about this, please contact our financial advisor, Mr Krishna Adhikari on

2. Prayer partner

You can be our prayer partner and subscribe to our newsletters. We will send you our prayers needs and we will also share prayer answers with you. This is a very important ministry, and we value everyone who will assist us in carrying our work before the throne of grace regularly.

3. Sponsor

Although our aim is to become self- sustainable within a 5 year period, we will in an interim period depend on sponsorships from various individuals or groups. With sustainability we mean in this context that the Bethesda Centre should be able to acquire its own income from various sources to cover running expenses and expand the work further. Since the special target group in the rural areas are not likely to be in a position to pay the whole cost of the training, the Bethesda Centre needs to subsidize much of the leadership development work. The profit from the Language section is intended to fill this function. However, in an interim period we will also need sponsoring of trainees. If you are interested in participating in this you are welcome to contact the following people for more information:

Mirjam Bergh

Managing Director

Ram Prasad Pandey

Office Manager