Who We Are

The Bethesda International Language and Leadership Development Centre Pvt. Ltd. (The Bethesda Centre) is an initiative to a) offer language classes to the public in Pokhara Municipality and to b) equip trained and lay leaders of civil society, in areas related to Pastoral Care/Counseling, entrepreneurship and management. It was registered under the Department of Industry as a Private Limited Company on July 13, 2010.

The company thus established is a joint venture with one foreign and seven Nepali initiators/promoters. The Board of Directors, which meets four times per year or more often if needed, consists of the following:-

Mr Gokul Tiwari Director, Chairperson,
Ms Mirjam Bergh Managing Director
Mr Mukti Dhakal Director of Finance
Mr Ratna Bahadur Rai Director
Dr Mahendra Bhattarai Director, Organisations Consultant
Mrs Bishnu Nepali Director, Lawyer
Mrs Samjhana Gurung Director, Counselor
Mrs Vijeta Shresthat Director, Media consultant

There is a local management committee in Pokhara, which gives advice to the Managing Director on day to day issues if and when needed. It consists of

Ms Dhanamaya Gurung, Chairperson

Mr Mukti Dhakal

Mr Gokul Tiwari

Mr Bharat Gurung

Mr Grishma Parajuli

Mr Krishna Prasad Tripathi

The staff of Bethesda are :

Mirjam Bergh, Managing Director

Ram Prasad Pandey, Office Manager

Yam Bahadur Rana, Language Coordinator
Picture: Gokul Tiwari, Muktinath Dhakal, Samjhana Gurung, Loknath Manaen (Advisor), Mirjam Bergh, Mahendra Bhattarai, Ratna Bahadur Rai, Bishnu Nepali and Mrs Vijeta Sharon Shrestha

Mrs Bishnu Nepali

staff & Eng l staff

Christina Tamang, Trainer

Ram Bahadur Rayamajhi, Trainer

Jeevan Thakuri, Trainer

Bal Krishna KC, Facilitator

Ganga Khatri, House keeper

Jyoti Pariar, Language teacher

Mohan Bhujel, Language teacher

Basudev Paudel, Language teacher


Krishna Adhikari, Financial Advisor

Pratibha Manaen, writer

Daod Sai, facilitator